Cariboo Genuine Draft

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Cariboo Genuine Draft is a testament to our brewery’s ties to B.C. history. Cariboo’s award-winning brew reminds us of our pioneering roots in Prince George—including the original name of the brewery and the region responsible for each and every delicious beer we produce. To celebrate and honour the region, Cariboo Brewing has committed to planting more trees to replace those lost to forest fires and pine beetles. 

Cariboo Genuine Draft is a smooth, mild beer that’s perfect for watching the game or sharing good times with friends. Straw-coloured and light on the palate, a frosty mug of this brew is perfect for a summer afternoon or after a steaming winter sauna. 

Tasting Notes
Well-balanced Draft Beer: Clean consistent low hop beer that is slightly malty with a golden colour.
Volume: 355 mL
Alc/Vol: 5.5%
Cal: 163