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We create satisfying local BC beers, vodka soda and other beverages perfect for sharing with friends or after your next adventure.

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We could say that we’re “quality-driven” or that “our beverages are the best in BC,” but we’d prefer to talk about our passion for making drinks that we love to have ourselves. Really, we just want you to be as excited about taking our BC brews with you to your next get-together as we are about making them as satisfying as possible.

Whether you’re just starting to explore what’s available or know what you like already, we care about making your drinking experience both affordable and one that you’re always looking forward to.

ISO-9001 certified

New and Upcoming

The latest and greatest inventions from Pacific Western Brewing 

Wild Thing Is Coming With A New Flavour: Fruit Punch

We're excited to introduce Wild Thing Fruit Punch, the newest addition to our Wild Thing Hard Sour...

Introducing Cariboo Hard Root Beer: A Classic Treat With A New Size

We’re excited to announce the arrival of Cariboo Hard Root Beer in a brand new 6-pack! This is a...

Cariboo Genuine Draft Is Having New Packs Available!

Now, with the new 8-pack, enjoying your Cariboo at home, at the cabin, or wherever you're relaxing...

We Support Sustainability Across BC

Climate change is happening, but we’re not going to sit around and wait for the end. We’re taking on initiatives and supporting organizations that help protect and clean up the environment and the places we live in BC.

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