About us

Memorable experiences are at the heart of what we do

We know the best times are the ones you don’t want to end. Having a great drink with you might not make them last longer, but a good BC brew after a great experience is always great to relax with. You don’t need to be some kind of expert to enjoy what we make, but even if you are, we’re pretty confident you’ll like what you taste.  

You might not notice us rocking our flannel shirts on a hike or eating a bag of all-dressed chips while we’re out and about, but you will notice what we make. Both satisfaction and affordability are the essence of every one of our brands. We hope you enjoy the drinks we make as much as we enjoy creating and drinking them ourselves.

Our history

Where we started

We’ve always been Canadian-made right from the start with our first (and now main) plant located in Prince George, BC. In that time, we’re proud to have achieved some of the notable firsts in brewing both locally and across Canada.

Our community

Pacific Western Brewing (PWB) believes that as a company supporting our people and the community where we live and work is important. From the beginning, PWB has invested in activities and projects that make a positive impact and contribute to the well-being of our community.

Our company


Achieving sustainable company growth.


Our mission is to be the best beverage manufacturer in western Canada through inspired ownership, our team, and our brands. We are a company that gives back by bringing families together to foster community, are fiercely loyal to British Columbia, and are fully dedicated to maintaining the high quality of our products.

Our people

Taizan Komatsu

President & CEO

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Shelly Bruder

Warehouse Manager

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Brian Hansford

Sales Manager

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Kelly Olson


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Cindy Hartford

Plant manager

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Leo Nadeau

Operations Manager

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Our values


We’re honest, truthful, and always above board both with our team and with our customers.


We care about being inclusive on many perspectives, ideas, stories, backgrounds, offerings, and learning from each other whenever possible.


Actions speak louder than words, but we hold ourselves to both to get a job done.


The market might change, but we focus on being adaptable to provide value, understand and address needs, and actually listen to what our customers are saying to best help and support them.


We know the world can be better and we strive to also be a part of the many people making a difference in it ourselves and by focusing on supporting sustainable environmental organizations.

We support sustainability across BC

Climate change is happening, but we’re not going to sit around and wait for the end. We’re taking on initiatives and supporting organizations that help protect and clean up the environment.