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The Cariboo family of beers is easy to put into words: they’re drinkable down-home BC vibes you know and love. Cariboo’s award-winning Genuine Draft reminds us of our pioneering roots in Prince George including the original name of the brewery and the region responsible for each and every delicious beer we produce. 


Pacific beers are fan favourites, evoking classic memories of the west coast with European roots in taste. 

PWB - Beverages - Canterbury - Dark Mild


“Innovative taste” would probably be the best way to describe our unique flavours of Canterbury that offer all the qualities of a dark beer with a refreshing crisp taste.

Classic Beers


Only available if you live in Alberta and if you like an explosion of taste, TNT Strong Malt is an amber-coloured manly brew and it is a long-time favourite – guaranteed to blow away any thirst.

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PWB - Beverages - Iron Horse

Iron Horse

Fermented longer with a special yeast — the reason for the higher alcohol content — Ironhorse is a strong brew for beer connoisseurs. It’s bold graphics and original appeal are not for the faint-of-palate — this lager is a brawny mouthful of velvet smoothness.

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Vodka Soda

Pacific Cool

Flavoured as lightly as the summer breeze, our vodka sodas use our very own spring water aquifer as the very first of just 3 ingredients. Pacific Cool drinks are crisp, clean, and low in both calories and sugar without sacrificing taste.

Hard Soda

PWB - Beverages - Cariboo - Hard Rootbeer

Cariboo Hard Rootbeer

With an ABV of 5.5% this lightly sweetened, adult-inspired version of rootbeer has a spicy, creamy flavour with hints of vanilla and sassafras.

Non Alcoholic

PWB - Beverages - Cariboo - Non Alc - Rootbeer

Cariboo Rootbeer

This Rootbeer is a smooth, mellow, creamy-tasting soda that contains natural sugar to create the perfect blend of sweetness and vanilla. It has the exact amount of fizz for enjoying in an ice cream float.

PWB - Beverages - Cariboo - Non Alc - Ginger Ale

Cariboo Ginger Ale

This ginger ale is not too sweet and perfectly balanced with ginger and lemon notes.

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