PWB - Beverages - Cariboo - Malt

Cariboo Malt

This beer is from Northern British Columbia and is made with choice Canadian grains and brewed to high test.

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PWB - Beverages - Cariboo - Lager

Cariboo Lager

Cariboo Lager is a throwback to the original roots of our storied brewery and tastes exactly like a true BC beer should taste.

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Cariboo Genuine

Cariboo Genuine Draft is a smooth, mild beer that’s perfect for watching the game or sharing some good times with friends.

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Buckshot Magnum

Buckshot Lager is our take on a popular German style Helles Bock, or in English: strong beer!

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PWB - Beverages - Cariboo - Blonde

Cariboo Blonde

Give it a try to one of our best sellers! Very unique and refreshing taste.

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Cariboo Honey

It’s first and foremost a beer that will please the typical beer drinker. 

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PWB - Beverages - Pacific - Free

Pacific Free

This beer is transferred to the fermentation tanks, it is processed to remove gluten.

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PWB - Beverages - Pacific - Schwarzbock

Pacific Schwarzbock

The name “Schwarzbock” derives from the German word for black (“schwarz”) and “strong beer” (“bock”).

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Pacific Pilsner

A West Coast classic since the eighties. Keeping true to the original Czech style that it is based on, this is a crisp, clean, golden lager.

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Ironhorse Strong

Fermented longer with a special yeast — the reason for the higher alcohol content — Ironhorse is a strong brew for beer connoisseurs.

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TNT 8%

*Only available if you live in Alberta and if you like an explosion of taste, TNT Strong Malt is an amber-coloured manly brew

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PWB - Beverages - Canterbury - Dark Mild

Canterbury Dark Mild

Canterbury Dark Mild is caramel bodied with delicate aroma hops and a pleasant finish.

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Vodka Sodas

Pacific Cool

Flavoured as lightly as the summer breeze, our vodka sodas use our very own spring water aquifer as the very first of just 3 ingredients.

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Pacific Wave

The classics flavours are balanced and blended with Canadian-made vodka, Natural fruit flavours, as well as our very own proprietary pure spring water source.

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Wild Thing - Hard Soda

These are a nostalgic and full flavoured adult-inspired throwback to some of our favourite classic treats and flavours. 

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PWB - Beverages - Cariboo - Hard Rootbeer

Cariboo Hard Rootbeer

his adult version of our classic recipe rootbeer has a spicy, creamy, flavour with hints of vanilla and sassafras. 

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PWB - Beverages - Cariboo - Non Alc - Rootbeer

Cariboo Rootbeer

Cariboo Root beer is a smooth, mellow, creamy-tasting soda that contains natural sugar and pure spring water to create the perfect blend of sweetness and vanilla.

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PWB - Beverages - Cariboo - Non Alc - Ginger Ale

Cariboo Ginger Ale

This ginger ale is not too sweet and perfectly balanced with ginger and lemon notes. 

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