Cariboo Honey Lager

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The Cariboo Honey Lager has a hint of honey that gives the beer a nice body. It leaves a pleasantly warm and smooth finish that has little residual sweetness. This beer was designed to not be too sweet or have an overbearing honey flavour.   

The beer itself is made with the same raw ingredients as our classic recipe, but we add real BC honey from the Cariboo region to the brew! With the success of our Genuine Draft, the Honey Lager is an excellent addition to the family and the beer itself is definitely a crowd pleaser! 

Tasting Notes
Well-balanced Lager: Slightly malty with some residual sweetness and a crisp, clean finish. It pairs well with spicy food or roast chicken.
Volume: 355 mL
Alc/Vol: 5.5%
Cal: 160