NEW RELEASE: Pacific Wave Vodka Soda

Since it’s release in early 2018, We’ve heard so many amazing suggestions on flavours, merch, and what you’d like to see next from Pacific Cool Vodka Soda, and we’re excited to let you know that there’s a whole new WAVE of flavour hitting private PWB retailers in British Columbia just in time for Summer 2023!

NEW Sweetened Pacific Wave Vodka Soda is the next chapter of our popular Pacific Cool Vodka Soda’s and is NOW AVAILABLE at participating private PWB retailers in British Columbia in classic Blood Orange and Lemon Lime flavours, and takes things up a notch at 5.5% and 155 calories per 355ml can!

These sweetened, full flavour versions of our Pacific Cool classics are balanced and blended with Canadian-made vodka, Natural fruit flavours, as well as our very own proprietary pure spring water source that is the first and most important ingredient in every single PWB beverage we make.

Looking for more from your Vodka Soda? Catch a Wave!


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