NOW AVAILABLE in Alberta: Cariboo Buckshot!

Here in British Columbia We’ve been hearing the calls from our friendly neighbours in Alberta loud and clear, and they’ve been saying: “We want more Cariboo!!”

2023 has been a big year for Boo in Alberta with Cariboo Honey landing in stores for the first time in early January, and now as Winter fades and we start to slip into Spring, we can finally answer those calls and let you know that Cariboo Buckshot Magnum is NOW AVAILABLE at private retailers across Alberta!!

Haven’t given Cariboo Buckshot a go just yet? This locally brewed 6.4% ABV Lager is a North American take on the popular German-style Helles Bock, AKA Strong Beer, and has that clean and refreshing taste, as well as value for your dollar that put Cariboo on the map. At 6.4%, Think of it as the bigger brother to our 5.5% Cariboo Genuine, with a bit more bang!

Looking for 4 packs of Cariboo Buckshot Magnum near you? Look no further than Liquor Connect!

Hit the Liquor Connect link to find not only Cariboo Buckshot Magnum, but ALL available Pacific Western Brewing products now available in Alberta, and use the “Where to Buy” tab to find the retailer nearest you with what you are looking for in stock!


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