Pacific Western Brewing Supports Duck-feeding Initiative in Prince George

Brock Bailey and Paul Cailleaux

We continue to support good causes around British Columbia and to protect the ecosystems that surround our community. In continuation of previous years, we decided to participate in the duck-feeding volunteer initiative in Prince George to help as many birds as possible survive the winter.

The feeding which started in the winter, will continue until spring and PWB have been providing them with grain which had spilled from the mill during the brewing process.

According to an article in the Prince George Citizen local news, Brock Bailey and Paul Cailleaux feed ducks at Cottonwood Island Park every year. They are volunteers from Ducks Unlimited Canada and have been doing this for eight years.

Bailey shared his gratitude by saying: “Pacific Western Brewing is really community minded and really stepped up again this year and we thank them very much,”

Our partnership with the duck-feeding project reflects our ongoing efforts to support local initiatives that contribute to the well-being of our community and the preservation of our ecosystems. At PWB, we are driven by a shared responsibility to protect our land and reduce climate change.

ducks eating on the snow
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