PWB And Cariboo Invested In Another Reforestation Project


Did you know that your favourite beverage company is dedicated to making a positive environmental impact? At Pacific Western Brewing, not only are we are committed to making great beers, but we are also about giving back to our beautiful British Columbia by planting trees every year thanks to those Cariboo fans buying Cariboo Brewing products.

We recently made a major donation in partnership with the Stewardship Pemberton Society, allowing us to contribute to a truly outstanding cause. Last week, Lil’wat Forestry Ventures, planted over 86,000 seedlings at the Capricorn Creek landslide. It’s a beautiful effort that fills us with delight and pride since we know these trees will grow into a lush forest, leaving a green legacy for future generations.

Cariboo Brewing, one of PWB’s brands, is committed to keep investing on these sustainable projects. Moreover, Cariboo’s hats, toques, ginger ale, and, of course, some of our best Cariboo beers were given to the desiccated planting crew. This ensures that the hardworking individuals on the ground are well-equipped and can enjoy some refreshing beverages as they plant trees and restore our beautiful landscape.

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