The Hard Cream Soda

A nostalgic and full flavoured throwback to one of our favourite all seasons treats.

Enjoy a smooth, sweet and creamy vodka soda drink until the last sip

Our Products

Sour Grape Soda

This Hard Soda balances sweet with sour, and tart with tangy, for a mouth-watering mix of classic Grape Soda with a 7% vodka twist. 

Orange Cream Soda

Classic Cream Soda paired with the refreshing citrusy sweetness of your favourite Orange pop, and balances that with a light, creamy, vanilla taste, for a Hard Orange Cream Soda that’s in a league of it’s own.

Hard Fruit Punch

It perfectly captures that classic flavour profile and blended it seamlessly with our smooth vodka to create a hard soda that’s bursting with juicy goodness.

Choose how refreshing you want to feel

Check out all the products that we are offering and experience a large variety of tastes and flavours.

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